Academic Support

Personal Attention

At LAB in Melbourne, we know each student individually and can offer help according to your needs.

  • You will have an Academic File where your work is stored and marked
  • Unique study plans can be devised for you if you are struggling academically
  • You may approach your teacher and Academic Manager at any time if you feel the level allocated is either too difficult, or not challenging enough

Regular Feedback

Our process of testing and reporting helps you continually improve, and gives you confidence with progress you can see.

  • Tests are given weekly to assess all four skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening
  • An oral interview is conducted with you in Weeks 1, 5 and 10 of the Term
  • Teachers give you detailed feedback on a weekly basis

Extension Tasks

At LAB in Melbourne, learning extends beyond the classroom, with optional activities to help you progress your development at a pace that suits you.

  • A wide array of homework options are available
  • Learn at your own pace in our online learning community
  • Join free optional classes every weekday afternoon