Choosing a Course


Do you want to attend university in Australia? Is your aim to be fluent in business English? Are you excited about working at a beach resort in Queensland? Do you plan to return home and progress your career? At LAB in Melbourne, you’ll find a course that exceeds your expectations. 

English Language Courses

LAB’s approaches to teaching and course design are informed by the latest advancements in the TESOL field, so you can be assured of receiving a cutting edge education in English. Not only are LAB Teachers invested in their students, they are extremely passionate about developing their craft, with each teacher leading regular professional development seminars, making significant contributions to research in the field and constantly reflecting on delivering lessons of the highest standard to help students achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Internships and Pathways

The excellent English skills you develop in a LAB course will open doors to exciting further opportunities. You could undertake an internship with an Australian company through our two internship programs (dependent on your country’s visa eligibility) or continue your studies at a university or tertiary institute in Australia. LCI Education Network has its own university in Collingwood, Melbourne, specialising in ‘Design Arts’. LAB in Melbourne also has accredited academic pathways with more than 20 Australian tertiary institutes.

Placement Test

You are required to sit a placement test to determine your current level of English. These are held every Monday and Friday on campus. Placement tests are conducted prior to Orientation.


Mondays: 10am

Fridays: 11am

Offshore tests are also available - please email us to enquire.