LAB launches a new Learning Partnership - "English for Culinary Arts"

LAB will run a language support program for international students of Commercial Cookery for Crown College International

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April 18, 2018
LAB has won an exclusive contract with premium Melbourne based hospitality and culinary school, Crown College International to run a specialist language support program for international students of commercial cookery. This premier LAB course package will include:
  • A tailor made curriculum: “English for Culinary Arts”
  • A duly qualified and experienced teacher
  • All materials and texts

Sample course outline:


Vocabulary of Ingredients

Vocabulary of Techniques

Equipment, Utensils & Other

Linguistic Skill Focus Area

Session 1

1. Seafood (sea, freshwater and shellfish)

2. Poultry and feathered game

1. Basic cooking methods (verbs for cooking)

1. Large equipment and utensils in the kitchen area

2. Units of measurement

Creating a word bank

Session 2

1. Cuts of meat

2. Vegetables, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes

1. Food preparation verbs

2. Vocabulary of vegetable cuts

1. Service equipment (cutlery, glassware, crockery, etc)

Listing ingredients and measurements (complete an inventory list)

Session 3

1. Rice, Pasta & Grains

2. Offal & Specialty meats

1. Types of Menus

2. Describe a process of work

1. Special dietary requirements (kosher, vegan, etc)

Write/dictate a recipe

Courses such as these, we call our "English for … series” which are custom designed programs that meet the needs of our corporate partners and affiliates. The design of the programs are informed by the latest developments in language learning theory and practice as well as industry specific content, and can be implemented and rolled out economically and efficiently.

Programs that are in the scope of this effective and high impact series include: 

- English for Design & Media Arts
- English for Hospitality & Tourism
- English for Sports & Fitness
- English for Administration Personnel
- English for Care Practitioners
- English for Automotive Industries

This bespoke program offering forms part of a learning partnerships strategy where LAB provides organisations with the talent and know-how for highly specialised training purposes.

When asked about the future plans for the learning partnerships strategy, Academic Manager of LCI Education Network’s Languages Across Borders, Petar Stojanovic said

“Our 'English for' series will be mirrored in languages other than English, such as French, Spanish, Indonesian and Japanese, and be offered as tailored language learning solutions for our clientele base.”

“It is our great hope that this strategic mission will set Languages Across Borders apart as an unstoppable force in the global language teaching and learning field.” said Stojanovic.

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